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Find out how we are supporting the industry through the COVID-19 outbreak, keeping members connected and offering virtual events and training

COVID-19 Keyword blocking
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We are calling on brands to review their use of keyword blocking during the COVID-19 outbreak. Read our advice to help take a balanced approach to keyword blocking at this time - helping to support brands, publishers and the overall sustainability of the ad industry.

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Brand new:

IAB UK Adspend Analyser

Our brand new tool puts the power in your hands for the first time, meaning IAB UK members have the flexibility to build your own ad spend charts using twenty years of data. Compare categories, formats, devices, environments and more across the years to get the data most helpful for you and your clients.

Why join us?

As the industry trade body it’s our belief that we can achieve more by working together than we can alone. As a member of the IAB, your company can make its voice heard and help to shape the future of digital advertising. Be part of the conversations that matter.

Access to events

Access to events
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We offer members free and discounted access to all our events, either virtually or in person.

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Information central
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For news, views, guidance, stats and standards, we've got it covered with specialist reports for members.


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Resources and our response to the ICO's Adtech Report with advice for members and the industry.

Make a difference

Make a difference
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Our specialist Industry Groups bring experts together to drive the future of digital channels.

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Addressing the ICO’s ‘Update Report’


Webinar: Update on our response to the ICO
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Tune in and view our March 19 webinar on the progress we've made so far in addressing the ICO's Update report into adtech and realtime bidding


Our response to the ICO's ad tech & RTB report
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Read our response to the ICO’s findings about the use of personal data in real-time bidding.


Digital advertising guide: cookies, consent & the GDPR
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As part of our actions to address the ICO’s ‘Update report’, this guide covers the rules relating to cookies and other similar technologies for digital advertising. 

Research: Mind the Digital Skills Gap
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IAB UK and Middlesex University join forces to explore the digital skills gap in the ad industry and provide advice on how to recruit and retain the best talent

Case Studies

Discover brand case studies to help supercharge your advertising

Whether you’re interested in short-form video or online audio, find out how brands have used digital channels to drive results. Filter our bank of case studies by objective, format and sector for the evidence you need to shape your digital campaigns.

Explore & discover


Latest news
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Get up-to-date with the developments from the fast-moving world of digital.


Best practice
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All you need to know about the Gold Standard and our Transparency FAQs. 


Policy & Regulation
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Expert advice from our Policy team, including guidance on GDPR and ICO developments.


Opinion pieces
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Views from the IAB and member contributors across the digital industry.

Looking to boost your skills?
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Lasting two hours each, our virtual training modules have been designed to fit into your day while you work from home and provide you with the opportunity to learn new skills and keep your team up-to-date with latest best practice.